Information Text About KVK for Employees

Information Text About KVK for Employees

Beşler Yem ve Un Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş (Beşler Yem ve Un A.Ş.) collects, processes and transfers the data of our employees as Data Controller Beşler Yem ve Un A.Ş. We attach great importance to the processing and preservation of all personal data of our employees in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.

Beşler Yem ve Un A.Ş. KVKK m. in accordance with 5;

a- Obligation to be taken by law,
b- Being directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract,
c- Fulfilling our legal obligations,
d- Establishment of a right related to Beşler Yem ve Un A.Ş. is mandatory in terms of exercising or protecting the said right,
e- Beşler Yem ve Un A.Ş. the existence of a legally recognized interest in its favour,

conditions, and in addition to the above conditions, it can be transferred if it is necessary for the protection of the life or body integrity of you, our employees or someone else.

Beşler Yem ve Un A.Ş. It processes and stores the information of our employees, which is determined as personal data by law, and which is included in the table below:

Personal Data Category Personal Data
Identity Information: Personal data in the content of documents such as identity card/identity card/driver's license/passport/identity record sample
Contact Information: Mobile phone, e-mail address, proof of residence
Location Information: Location information, vehicle location information
Personal File Information: All kinds of information required to fulfill the Company's obligations arising from the employment contract and the law (For example, court decisions including divorce, alimony, custody, etc.) Body measurement information showing height, weight, shoe size, clothing body measurements in order to be the basis for the safety equipment to be provided in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation)
Legal Transaction Information: Correspondence with judicial authorities, court orders
Financial Information: Bank account number/IBAN information
Professional Experience Information: Curriculum vitae, diploma, professional qualification certificate, in-service training certificate, course/seminar etc. documents
Visual Records: Passport photos, job site photos, job site video recordings
Transaction Security Information: IP address information, Log records, port records
Information on Criminal Conviction and Security: Measures Criminal record, court order
Physical Space Security: Security camera recordings
Health Information: Employment health report, periodic health report, psychotechnical report, etc.

ETC.: License plate and license information for other construction site entrance-exit security control

Your information, which is defined as confidential information within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law, is processed or transferred only for the purpose of expressly stipulating in the laws, and your health and sexual information only for the protection of public health, the execution of preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, the planning and management of health services and financing.

Your personal data; Your resume, photocopies of identity cards, health reports, criminal records that you submit during job application are transferred by you to the relevant units of the company, or you are requested to carry out the studies, or are collected through sources such as correspondence with official institutions and organizations, and third companies in which you are affiliated. Your personal data will be stored and processed throughout your employment contract with our company, except for longer periods of time in the relevant laws or the statute of limitations.

KVKK m. Your personal data other than 5/2 will not be used for any other purpose without your explicit consent, and the data may be transferred to authorized public institutions within the scope of legal authorities and relevant laws, subject to legal periods, and to our business partners and group companies within the framework of human resources policies. Necessary security measures have been defined so that your stored and recorded data is not illegally processed and accessed, and necessary administrative and technical measures have been taken, such as limiting authority and signing a confidentiality agreement, so that the personnel who have access to this data do not unlawfully disclose it to others and use it outside the processing area. Depending on the legislative changes, there may be changes in the principles shared here. In case of changes, you, our employees, will be notified with the necessary announcements.

Your rights over your personal data in Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698;

a- Learning whether personal data is processed or not,
b- If personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,
c- Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose,
d- Knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
e- Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing,
f- Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7,
g- Requesting notification of the transactions made pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred,
h- To request the compensation of the damage in case of loss due to unlawful processing of personal data,

determined as.

Beşler Yem ve Un A.Ş. In accordance with Article 10 of the KVKK, the owner of personal data informs its employees of their rights and guides them on how to use these rights.

Beşler Yem ve Un A.Ş. In order to evaluate the rights of personal data owners and to provide necessary information to personal data owners, the necessary internal functioning, administrative and technical regulations have been established in accordance with Article 13 of the KVK Law.

Requests and Demands of Our Employees

Our employees fill out and sign the "Data Owner Personal Information Application Form" in person or digitally.
(e-signature) and send it to or .They can also apply through other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.
In order for third parties to request an application on behalf of personal data owners, a special power of attorney issued by the data owner on behalf of the person who will apply through a notary public must be present.

In the application containing your explanations regarding the right that you have as a personal data owner and that you will make and request to use the above-mentioned rights, the issue you request must be clear and understandable, and the subject you request must be related to your person.

Requests will be concluded free of charge as soon as possible and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest, depending on their nature. If your request is accepted, it will be fulfilled. However, if your application is rejected as a result of the examination and evaluation, you will be notified in writing or electronically, together with the reason for the rejection. Detailed information about your rights to apply to the data controller and to complain to the board is contained in Article 13 and the following articles of the KVKK.