Stick Pastry Recipe

Stick Pastry Recipe

We are with you in our recipes for both light and practical flavors with the recipe for a stick pastry. Short and easy, try as a tea-like snack or a breakfast snack, this crispy flavor will soon become an indispensable meal for you.


Materials for Stick Pastry Recipe:

  • 1 tea glasses milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 eggs
  • 2-3 water glasses flour
  • 1 packs of baking powder
  • 1 small bowls of grated cheese
  • 1 small bowls of white cheese

Stick Pastry Recipe Preparation:

  1. We're whisking the milk and the egg in a deep container.
  2. We add and mix baking powder, salt, grated cheese and cheese into our scrambled allowance.
  3. Once we're mixed up enough, we can start kneading by adding our reputation.
  4. Let's keep kneading until the earlobe is not attached to the hand.
  5. Then let's get our dough on a flat surface. Let's open it so it's not thin with a corset. We can prevent it from sticking to the surface by noting the gold or using oily paper.
  6. Let's cut the dough that we've opened vertically and horizontally with the knife and get the rods.
  7. Let's turn our urinals into high-fever fries in the pan where we piss the fat off.
  8. We can eat our pots from the pan with a good fat.


Mold Points of Stick Pastry Recipe:

If we crush our cheese with a fork in a stone before we add it greasy, we can get a better consistency. If our dough continues to stick to the hand, we can add a pinch of flour. If desired, a small bit can also be snapped and rolled by hand to obtain sticks or other shapes. We can make a simple recipe by not adding cheeses, preferably.